Korean Culture #5

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Korean Culture #5







T-money is a transportation card issued by T-money corporation.
It is a smart card that can be used as a transportation card and e-money in South Korea, and although the metropolitan area is the main area, it is compatible nationwide.
You can transfer buses and subways several times, but the number of times and terms you have to transfer vary depending on the region.



Smart T-Money: It was launched in December 2004 and is a smart card with a central processing unit.
                      Smart T-Money calculates the amount of use and provides 0.2% T-Mileage.
Mobile T-Money: It is NFC, or a transportation card service that uses a financial SIM card in a mobile phone
                       Like other plastic cards, they can be recharged at offline charging stations without commission.
                       Unless Android's mobile phone app is installed, it can be used in like plastic cards which is charged in advance, but if the app is installed, it can be used as a deferred card. 



1) Purchase
Convenience store : CU, seven eleven, storyway, ministop, GS25, 365 plus, emart 24, etc.

2) Recharge
Convenience store : CU, seven eleven, storyway, ministop, GS25, 365 plus, emart 24, C-space, IGA, etc.
Bank Automated appliance : KEB Hana Bank, Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank, Jeju Bank, Post Office, NH Nonghyup Bank, Chukhyup, Shinhyup and Kookmin Bank

3) Refund
In convenience stores designated to handle refund work, if the charged amount for a normal-functioning card is less than 20,000 won, you can get a refund.
In the subway stations in the Seoul metropolitan area, a fee of 500 won is deducted when the fare is less than 50,000 won, and the charged amount and card are returned together.
In case of mobile T-Money, A card which has more than 50,000won to the normal card, or mobile T-money in the sole state of the card, when it is submitted to the agency's convenience store or head office, they collect it and you can get a refund.
Within two years of the initial date of charging, the broken card can receive a refund of the amount of the card price and the balance of it, while the damaged card can receive only the balance.

4) Teenager and Children's Card Registration
In case of a discount card for teenagers and children, the discount rate will be applied immediately after purchase, but the discount card for teenagers and children should be registered on the T-money website within 10 days from the date of initial use.
If you don't register, normal fares will be paid ten days after the date of initial use.
Like other transportation cards, T-money's criteria for discount for teenagers are until 19 and for children are until 13.
After the birthday entered at the time of registration, ordinary and youth fares will be automatically paid.

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