Korean Culture #2

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Korean Culture #2

Table Manner






During meals with family members and relatives, you should eat a meal after the elder begins the meal.
It is not polite to put down the spoon before the elder puts it down, and to get up before he finishes his meal. 



Do not fumble side dishes.
Do not hold the soup in a bowl and drink it.
Eat quietly when you eat.
Do not talk with the food in your mouth.
Even though rice and soup are hot, don't blow with your mouth. 



Do not hold a spoon and chopsticks together and eat.
Do not put the spoon in the rice.
At the beginning of a meal, we usually eat soup first with a spoon and eat rice or other foods.
Do not hit the bowl with the spoon and make a sound.
When the meal is finished, place the spoon and chopsticks in its first position.

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