International dinner, What a nice dinner!

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Hi guys, my name is Khun of KoreaFocus.

I will express my thoughts about 'International dinner'.


I participated in the international dinner on September 28th. 

Our group made Carbonara using Ramyeon. 

Although I prepared hard with my team too, I was surprised at the sincerity and skill of other foreign friends in cooking. 

It seems that they used a variety of ingredients to express traditional foods of each country well. 


Everyone did well (I don't know if my friends enjoyed my group's food well haha),

but I personally, favorite was Polish friend's food.

Anyway, I think it was a very useful cultural exchange time :)

If I have a chance next time, I want to try to make fusion food by teaming up with foreigner friends.


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excuse me... what is your name exactly ?