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Sunday, September 29th - First Korea Class 

Today is the first day of the Korean language class in the Korea Focus. The Korean language classroom was created in study group.


Korean friends give lectures in English.

Helpers and assistant teachers sit among foreign friends. And they explain the Korean language in a more sup
plementary things.

As on the first day, korean teacher mainly spent time explaining chapters of the book and grasping the overall skills of foreign friends.

There were some friends who did not know Korean well, but there were others who spoke Korean fluently. There is a part that I was most impressed with. That's why everyone responds confidently when the teacher let us pronounce.
Koreans are usually passive if not correct. But foreigner friends speak out the active answers and ask questions. I was impressed in this. So the class was more lively.


Based on this first class, Korean friends tried to make a better Korean classroom through various feedback. Foreign friends vowed to review the first class hard.


Let's hope the Korean language class will proceed smoothly until the end.It was 2 hours that was so fun.

Thank you for reading :)


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