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Hi Korea Focus!!

I'm Hayun of group B! ( Best B!)

In September 20, we had orientation for 2nd semester!
This orientaion's purpose is 'Introduction about K-focus' and solidifying the harmony of the team.
That day was great opportunity to get to know our team member outside.





After introduction about K-focus & K-focus' future plan, We have to decide team name!
Our team name is Best B! ( So awesome!!)
Yazdan write team name in cursive script.
We gave a big hand to his design sesibilities(also his presentation skill was so nice)

Next we wrote activities we want in this semester on team name paper.
I wrote 'beer party!'
Some friends wrote 'picnic', 'cooking'.. etc.
I want to do various activiy as much as I could! 


Then, we played m&m game. 

It's short time to get to know each other!


9:00 pm, we had after party! (Yeah!)
Actually I had previous engagement that day, so I joined late.. TT
But after I join again, I lost track of time talking together XD
I was so sad to get back home early because of tommorow part time jop

Next time, I wish we can made lots of memories all night long!
Thank you for reading!!!!



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2 Yejin 09.27 15:08
Yeah~~~~!!!Best B?
It was greAt:)
 I can’t wait for next meeting ??????
3 Daisy 10.03 22:27
Me too! I can’t wait for next meeting XD
1 Khun 09.28 02:10
I think that we can make many good memories ~~~~