2019 2nd semester Korea Focus Orientation!

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How are you doing? I'm Heather of Group D! (Korean name's Younyoung)

We had very first orientation for 2nd semester to introduce Korea Focus 

and face other group members


We had really great time to know each other!

Doing M&M game, drawing each group member's identity, and introducing ourselves :)



This is Group D ( the best group ever in ma mind )

We are all from different country 

so it was unusual and lovely time to exchange our culture and story


We drew the tree and wrote down what we want to do together, favourite food, wishes etc!


Welcome to Korea & Welcome to Group D

I'll definitely open my ears for you 

and wish to be your best leader 

thanks :)

Lovely Comments from other Korean supporters from Group D


I had a really nice time in there

Actually at first, I feel so nervous to see the new people 

but later I can join there with comportable and good feeling!

Next time, I hope all team member can join together:)


Korea Focus kickoff day was great!

It was the best meeting for many foreigners and Koreans to get together and enjoy. 

I've never experienced this kind of thing in my life. 

I could talk with many foreigner friends and play games with them. That was exciting! 

I'm looking forward to the next Korea Focus activity. 


It was a really happy time. 

The foreign friends in my group were kind and good manners.

 I wanted to have fun activities together. Finally, thank you for being with us. 


It was good to have an opportunity to be friendly 

with both Koreans and foreigners through kickoff day.

 It was a fun time thanks to group D of people who didn't miss it in the middle 

and stayed together until the end, 

and I'm looking forward to the activities that are left 


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Best group
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You guys so cute TT...  Welcome everybody~~~