Welcome to Korea! 2019 Korea Focus Opening Ceremony Review(Group A)

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Hi~ guys.I'm Seonu of Korea focus Korean supporter Group A.

Do you remember last week's Opening Ceremony?

I was nervous at first meeting because there were a lot of new friends,

 but everyone was so active that I had a lot of fun.

I think this semester's Korea Focus activities will be really fun like last semester's activities.

Well, I start my Opening Ceremony Review now.


First of all, there was a greeting from the management team representing Korea Focus.

I was cute to the management team who was a little embarrassed.

Next, there was a guide to our future activities.

I'm so looking forward to the upcoming event of an International Dinner Program .

You're going to be on the program, aren't you?


Then, we decided on the group name. The group name is Black Pink.

Honestly, I still don't know why this is a group name:)

  The members of my group drew Black Pink Jenny's face and voted for who drew well.

They're all very good at drawing.( Is that really true?)

And then we had time to get to know each other while playing M&M game.

TMI: The M&M was delicious~


After the ceremony, we had an after party.

 We chatted over delicious food and drinks.

Although I was sad to go back early,

let's hang out more next time~




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sound great~! your review is really good like a review expert!!!