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I wanted to do something

that can be memorable for everyone for a long time.

I came up with an idea of Glamping

that another group went for a camping last semester

and I was really jealous lol.

Me and Hyeyoon prepared for the glamping.

Hyeyoon, mostly, got ready for all the things we need

before the Glamping Day.

I really thank her:)

but I was sad she couldn't come with us:(

I was worried if people would have fun there

but fortunately, everyone told us that they all had fun.

I was really glad. 


We went to the Dalseo Byeolbut Camping Site in Dalseong-gun, Daegu.

We could go there easily by the subway.


The entrance was beautiful.


The caravans we slept in looked like this.


Subin, Wonho, Dohun, and Wonchan

prepared for the barbecue

and Me, Yeri, Yejin, and Jieun

prepared rice, soup, vegetables, noodles, and other stuffs.



Everyone sat together and had a Barbecue Party!

I was happy to see everyone

enjoying the party with loud music and being friends with each other.


Korean members at the camping site:)


Plus Geert-Jan lol 

We had met at the Halloween Party

but he didn't remember my face:(

Maybe he was drunk.


and James

who helped me a lot with my speech.

We are going to meet in L.A.!

Do not forget James!


I took a selfie with Loren

I was happy to see and talk to her "outside of Korean Class" lol.

I was glad everybody enjoyed that day.

For me, also, it was a great time, I would never forget it.

Hope to see you soon guys!!


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