Korean Class on November 10th

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On November 10th, we had a Korean Class at 7pm❗❗


Eunjeong taught chapter 1 -었(았) and chapter  2 -ㄴ(은).  

Chapter 1 was about how to make the past tense of a verb and chapter 2 was to change a verb to an adjective by putting ㄴ or 은.


I taught chapter3 -(으)면 and chapter 4 -어(아) 버렸어. 

Chapter 3 was about how to say 'if', 'when', and 'once'.

Chapter 4 was to say 'end up -ing'.



Students wanted to know stuffs like 'How much is it?' and 'Where can I get to -?'

So after the book, I taught the students Koreans needed in daily lives.

I also taught them how to say the numbers and how to count money so that they can understand when they ask the price of something.


Most students said that they liked the class and are coming next week:)


It wasn't really easy to teach Korean when it comes to grammar part

but all students were much better than I expected

and I appreciated that they all enjoyed Korean Class.

Hope to see you guys next time!


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