◐Halloween party ◑

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The Halloween party that passed the day

On November 1, the Korea Focus hosted a Halloween party.
There was a Halloween party in Suseong Land.
We got free rides tickets and food coupons.
We headed for the zoo as soon as we entered.



Jan and Basti liked animals very much, but I didn't really like them so I just looked at them from afar.

We left the zoo and headed for the lake.



We got on a duck boat with a lamp with my wish written.
We went into the middle of the lake and put the lamp on the water.



Yoon Young's wish was to let her be with her boyfriend on Christmas. But Jacob's wish was not to let Yunyoung be with her boyfriend.

I'll see whose wish is stronger. hahahahahha

We went back to the amusement park and ate snacks.
Then we went on a ride.
Actually, I am not good at riding a ride.
So I tricked my friends and put them on the ride first. I'm sorry, guys. LOL



We also rode a bumper car, too. It was really fun.

Then there was a punch contest for powerful people!
There are so many strong people in Phil Korea.


I need to take care of myself. LOL

After that, I went back home because I had a homework. :(
The rest of the friends said that they had fun having an edm party.


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3 Daisy 2019.11.04 11:09
LOL looks very enjoyful XD
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Let's imagine!