[The korean class in KOREA FOCUS -3]

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The 3rd - Korean language class was held on October 13th by Heather.

Look how adorable she is!!! 


The whole class was taught in English and Suhyun helped Heather as a subteacher.

I think this is a most effective way of saving time that was being wasted while the main teacher was erasing the black board every time when it's full of handwriting.


We learned about how can we use -으며, 며 and -야 하다/-어야 하다 in a proper way in Korean sentences.
The lecture proceeded smoothly.
We had 10mins break in the middle of the class.
Even during break time, some students asked some questions very actively.
I really appreciate them for this active participation.


All the students who attended this class did work so hard.

Korean members helped students to have no difficulty to study and they did a great job as well.

Sad to say, it was Harri's last class to attend, so we had Fare well party for him after class.

If you want to see some pictures of the party, visit this link:


Thank you for reading and see you next class!


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heeeeeeeeeey Supra K! thank you so much for your posting
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