Team B Outing: Hangul Day Edition

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On October 9, on eve of Hangul Day, Team B has a team lunch. The meet up was scheduled at 11, so it was absolutely brave of members to show up. We met at the 228 Park (February 28 Memorial Park). We found a good Italian restaurant, serving great food. The food was as great as the members. Thank you for being considerate. After all, out team is the best.

The different foods we tasted were really flavorful. f65db1da62f8bb9028ad64f4b4d418b4_1570788270_3101.jpg

After experiencing surprisingly spicy pasta, we moved to the next phase of fun day. Bowling.f65db1da62f8bb9028ad64f4b4d418b4_1570788364_2953.jpg

Team Yejin, Hayun and Sohag outweighed Min Su and me. Though it was a close one. Winner took it all.

The meetup ended with one of the beautiful desserts that I had. Sulbing transformed my dessert experience.


A day well spent.

Thank you all.


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M dorumuk 10.14 21:39
how nice bro :)
M YERI 10.16 03:58
Wow great review! And all of food in your pic looks so delicious X-) !!!!!!