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how to get best sleeping

M dorumuk 6 246
i have a little "insomnia" in summer
im very good at listening at night originally
so in summer my hot and sweat body affect my sleeping time negatively
asap if you have any solution about that, would you tell me something?
3 JayPark 2018.08.31 23:44  
reading a science book
M dorumuk 2018.09.08 20:54  
okay i ll try then
2 Sunjun 2018.08.31 23:54  
in summer, i think it's best to keep your body cool while you sleep  by  air conditioner and fan
M dorumuk 2018.09.08 20:55  
hmm you telling is right , but if everyday i do that i will regret with myself
2 munwonetwork 2018.09.03 22:09  
Try to sleep.
M dorumuk 2018.09.08 20:26  
oh nope! i didnt say that meaning... are you kidding me? come on~