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We had a lunch time :)

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Hi~ I'm chae hyun. We had a lunch time. :)

This is K-focus' group E. Everyone is very handsome and pretty. Haha joke :)

but they were really funny and charming.

Today, we went to Hongdae bulgogi in opposite side of the Northern door KNU (Kyungpook National University).

This place sell cold noodles and bibimbap and so on.

We ordered a variety of menu to eat all.

Only an hour, we were so happy from those delicious menu.

After lunch, haneul bought us delicious beverage like passionfruit juice in Juicy franchise store.

This is why she lost the game of rock scissors paper.

But she smiled at that time yet. She was very nice, cute, kind!!!!!

We hope to see many foreign friends next time. See you later :) in everywhere Gyeongbuk(Gyeongsangbukdo)